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Our Stonebridge Golf School is a proud product of our golf course with instruction to take your game to the next level!

Individual Lessons

We love to teach people to play golf. It’s the greatest sport in the world – learn to golf, at any age! Whether you are a beginner, advanced, or somewhere in between we are confident that will, we will help you to improve. Every aspect will be analyzed by assessing the clubs you use, the way you swing, your flexibility, and your mental strengths or weaknesses. We will then give you some goals to work on, which will give you a benchmark from which you can improve.

Junior Golfers

We also offer lessons for kids who are just showing an interest in the game. Our Junior golf lessons are well managed in a safe and secure environment, with fully qualified instructors. We are highly skilled at ensuring that every child enjoys their golf lesson at whatever their age. Individual lessons are structured to meet your child’s golfing needs and can focus on any part of their game according to their skill level. The more fun they have, the faster they will learn! Who knows? You may have a future Tiger Woods or Michelle Wie at home and did not even know it.

Group Lessons

If you are interested in taking lessons with friends, family or business clients, Stonebridge Golf Club also offers Group Lessons for all ages and abilities.

For lessons call 901.382.1886 ext 1 for more information.

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